A Newcomers Welcome!

Welcome to the FibroMyOwnSpa Mega Store Portal and thank you so much for visiting.  I designed this guide to show you how to have the best quality shopping experience during your visit.
FibroMyOwnSpa is aimed at Fibro Warriors & Companions Worldwide. 
Therefore, this site has global multi-language features and supports multiple global currencies.
 At the very top of the page, there is an option to open your store account.  The following is a list of additional features to enhance your overall shopping experience.
  •  The purple heart shape (on the left) is your WISH LIST tab.  This lets you save your favourite products as you go along, with an option to add to cart.
  • The purple star shape (on the right) is your product REVIEW tab.  This allows you to review a product to express why you like it, or why you are so happy to see it available in the store.
  • The purple gift box (bottom left) is your REWARDS tabs.  Build points in order to get discounts and gifts.
  • The purple voice / chat box (bottom right / left on mobiles) is the Voice-activated Assistant who can support you with your shopping and searches.
  • There is a Facebook Messenger app (top left) you can also use for shopping and sharing.
  • The green and purple chat boxes on the left is the Live Chat Forum This enables users to shop together in actual time while chatting away with their friends and family members. 
The following is a helpful summary of the Shopping Portal's main pages. 
(Additional links are also provided as some pages cannot be accessed via the menu on some devices.) 
Store Home -  This is the Main Homepage / Store Front for the portal. 
There is a drop (sub menu)  listing the FMOS Story & this Site Guide.
Latest This is the blog page featuring the latest news and products added
Inspiration - This is a Pinterest page feed of inspiring ideas
Everything! -   This is a full list of the entire stock list. (also Catalogue & Holistix Pages)
Catalogue -  This is the main product catalogue list or set of collections. (menu)
Holistix -  This is the CBD Collection range of products for over 18's. (menu)
Collections -  This is a full list of all available collections of products. 
Feedback -  Direct link to get in touch.
FMOS Club -  This is a direct link to the FibroMyOwnSpa Club Portal.


The additional links are a redirection to the relevant pages at the FMOS Club Portal.
We hope this guide helps you to enjoy your shopping experience.

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