Spaghetti Soap Loaves 1.3kg

We named them Spaghetti Soaps simply because they look like soapy spaghetti! When you cut a slice from a loaf they give you another lovely colourful effect. They team well with the mosaic soap dishes or contemporary wood dishes.

These funky soaps make a wonderful display - we think they smell gorgeous and will attract any taste and any age. 

Soap slices are sold wrapped in waxed paper with an ingredients label and weigh approximately 100g.

Soap loaves weigh approximately 1.3kg, and you can get around 13 slices per loaf. The loaf is shrink-wrapped with an outer label containing product information which will need to be passed on to your customer. If in doubt about label requirements please consult your local Trading Standards department. 

PLEASE NOTE: Our soaps are hand-made and the colour or design may slightly vary from the pictures shown.